Hi My Names Jaron Ferandoes

I hope you find this post useful in growing your Enagic home based business and reaching 6A as fast as possible, my goal is to get everyone who is serious about this business reach the companies top ranks and receive $5,000-$80,000 per month GUARANTEED for life.

Thats my goal and it should be at LEAST your goal to….

NOW lets get into this :-)  




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Here is my Perfected TXT message’s that i send to all my leads and prospects when using Skype feel free to copy and paste these txts and use them yourself:

Best Txt message Option 1 this will cost a little more about 0.29cents per txt to send but worth it:

–Do Not Reply to Above Number–hey, I’m ur sponsor from www.returntoplp.com & I’m here to help you get started, txt or call me on 0064211148334 or message me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaron.ferandoes get back to me asap and I will show you how to make $2700 per sale working just 2 hours per day.

2nd best option when on a budget this should be around 0.10cents per txt message:

Do Not Reply to Above Number–I’m ur sponsor from www.returntoplp.com, txt/call me on 0064211148334 or Facebook me:https://www.facebook.com/jaron.ferandoes

The reason I use live links in Txt messages for mobile phones is because most people now use smart phones like iPhones or samsung and can easily click a link straight from a txt message and get taken to the sales presentation for powerlifepro and then go back to the txt and find you on Facebook or if they are old school they can just txt or call you back on the number you left them so its a win win :)

And finally go here to get the full Follow up Script, learn it love it study it and use it daily until you don’t need it anymore

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Finally here is my bank account details just take a photo of it or write it down and head down to your bank or call your bank from home so they can walk you through the process if you need help.

Bank Account Details

  • Bank Name: Kiwibank
  • Branch: Wellington
  • Account Holders Name: J J L C FERANDOES
  • Account Number: 0214805
  • Swift Code: citinz2x
  • Iban Number: 38 9008 0214805 00


Before you Decide on your weekly budget be that $100/$150/$200/$250/$300 whatever it is send me a message on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jaron.ferandoes

and lets get you started and making sales this week

To your Success

jaron ferandoes